Thursday, 7 July 2016

The power of IP

The power of IP
Article: The power of IP changing the Broadcast landscape

Though most broadcasters are still moving towards complete adoption of IP technology across the broadcast workflow, the benefits of the technology are broadly recognised and its presence is providing the industry with a powerful proof point for its wider adoption.

IP-based keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) technology is such a proof point and is used in various industries and applications, from command and control, energy and military, to transportation, medical and banking.

Jamie Shepperd, Group Marketing Manager at Adder has been speaking to Kit Plus about what broadcasters can gain from implementing IP technology as a whole, outlining how it works in outside broadcast, in the gallery and in post-production. Read the full article hereon page 52.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Are you ready to invest in KVM solutions?

Are you ready to invest in KVM solutions?
Article: Access and control starts with the right KVM

Taking the step forward to invest in KVM solutions can deliver tremendous benefits to organisations, especially as the use of standards-based technologies such as IP means that implementing a solution is cost-effective, flexible and scalable. What’s more, IP and IP-based technology can be re-used going forward.

When looking into KVM solutions, broadcasters need to identify their specific needs, then look at the key features of the solutions – not forgetting switching and extension capabilities, user-interface and security.

Our Sales Director, Simon Clew recently took part in a Q&A with Asia Pacific Broadcasting, where he covers the key things to consider before deciding to invest in KVM solutions and during the installation process. Read the full feature here on p32.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

High Performance KVM solutions for Command and Control, Marine, Aviation and Defence showcased at WEST

High Performance KVM solutions for Command and Control, Marine, Aviation and Defence showcased at WEST
Adder showcased the new fully redundant high performance KVM and power solutions at this year’s WEST exhibition in San Diego. WEST is the premier conference and exhibition dedicated to the Sea Services industry, bringing together professionals from U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Our new solutions focus on the flexible and resilient benefits of IP in the command and control scenario, and include the AdderView DDX matrix, Adder RED-PSU and latest updates to the AdderLink Infinity matrix range. Attendees were able to get hands-on time with the solutions and see the benefits of using high performance KVM solutions, like the AdderLink Infinity matrix, for command and control systems right through to pilot simulators.

High Performance KVM solutions for the Premier Sea Services industry at West 2016
The AdderView DDX30 is a compact and flexible digital matrix solution that provides full HD 1920x1200@60 support with extension distances of up to 50 metres, over a single standard CATx cable. It also features transparent EDID management, full-speed USB and an intuitive GUI with live multi-view thumbnail display of computer sources. This unique KVM matrix includes 30 ports which can be shared and flexibly scaled between users and computers, allowing for easy switching through the use of preset configurations and on screen display.

The Adder RED-PSU provides a 1U, 19” rack mountable power distribution solution with optional redundant PSU (each rated in excess of 500,000 hrs mtbf) and features 8 or 16 lockable power outputs, two hot-swappable power modules, a web interface and intelligent load balancing to ensure 24/7 reliability.

The IP-based AdderLink Infinity matrix delivers lossless real time interaction with the flexibility of an instantly configurable IP matrix. Driving HD digital video and audio alongside USB from the machine room through to the control room, the AdderLink Infinity is both rapid to deploy and solid in performance. Now featuring dual port functionality (copper/copper or copper/fiber) which adds redundant network operation and the ability to network team. The matrix is ideal for use in video intensive applications, while the added redundancy is a critical requirement in high-reliability environments such as military control.

The enhancements to Adder’s range bring an added level of functionality to environments where high performance KVM is used – such as Command and Control, Marine, Aviation and Defence. For more information on how our solutions can work for your industry visit the Adder website.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Financial institutions are reducing physical access to their servers for improved security, but KVM's use is evolving further

Financial institutions are reducing physical access to their servers for improved security, but KVM's use is evolving further
Article: From data centre to trading floor - how KVM can be used to secure finance industry assets

Financial institutions can reduce physical access to the servers to improve the security within their data centre facilities, but KVM's use is evolving even further than that.

The financial services industry is a heavily regulated one where security - physical and data security - is always top of the agenda. According to the Financial Times, between May 2014 and April 2015 financial institutions in the UK were investigated 585 times for data privacy breaches, which equates to an increase of 183% from the previous year.

What this means for financial institutions, be it banks, finance houses or trading floors, is that protecting sensitive client data, as well as the company’s intellectual property from both internal and external threats is crucial.

Above and beyond traditional security solutions, technologies like KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) can bring an added dimension of security to operations. Read the full article here.