Tuesday, 31 March 2015

John Halksworth examines how IP-based technology is changing the face of broadcast technology...

The future of IP in broadcast
Article: The future of IP in broadcast

The broadcast industry has changed drastically over the last decade, keeping pace with both viewer demand in terms of content, quality and choice; expansion of new ways in which to consume this content; and with the changes and advances in technology. While many environments are still built around proprietary technology, the opportunity that IP presents and the benefits it is currently yielding broadcasters is immeasurable.

John Halksworth explores how IP-based technology is changing the face of broadcast in the latest issue of InBroadcast. Read the full article here.

Monday, 23 March 2015

What do the bicycle, penicillin, the telephone, the pneumatic tyre and tarmac all have in common?

Benefitting from broadcast
Article: Benefitting from broadcast

Large parts of the AV industry deliver content to screens on a daily basis so, in theory, that should make the rapidly growing in-house broadcast market an attractive one. Jamie Shepperd, group marketing manager, provides comments to Installation Magazine on the commonality between pro-AV and broadcast and the use of IT and technology in these sectors.

Read the full article and Jamie’s comments here.