Monday, 7 July 2014

Market Focus: Canada

Market Focus: Canada
Article: The True North is strong with AV

Recently Simon Clew, director at Adder Technology gave his input to AV Magazine on the state of the proAV market in Canada and the challenges of doing business there.
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The current climate in Canada is characterized by a consistent rise in demand for low bandwidth remote access and management interface access. With the rising adoption of 4K, and the increasing popularity of digital video signals in installations, the pro-AV and pro-IT worlds are quickly converging.

Compared to the proAV market in the US or even Europe, Canada seems to feature more hardwired infrastructure which means that there is a focus on future-proofing new installations in order to ensure a good return on investment.

The key to success when doing business in the region lies in establishing and maintaining good relationships. Local representation can go a long way in assisting with this, especially if they are helping to provide pre-sales advice and after-sales support.

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Adder Technology in action at BroadcastAsia event

Adder Technology in action at BroadcastAsia event
Adder Technology unveiled the newest advances to our AdderLink Infinity range at this year’s BroadcastAsia show. Our new products include the AdderLink Infinity 1002 digital KVM extender, CCS4-Pro switch and X-DVI Pro DL extender.

In a nutshell, the enhancements to the range bring an added level of functionality to environments where high performance KVM is used – such as pro-AV, broadcasting, post-production, command and control, and industrial automation.

The IP-based AdderLink Infinity 1002 features dual port functionality which adds redundant network operation and the opportunity for network teaming. The extender’s single link, single head make it ideal for use in video intensive applications, while the added redundancy is a critical requirement in high-reliability environments such as command and control.

AdderLink Infinity CCS4-Pro, a KVM switch solution upgrade, is built on the tried and reliable CCS4 and has been slightly modified in terms of its form so that it can more easily be located inside an operator’s desk. It is an ergonomic solution that assists in eliminating desk clutter and provides an intuitive way for users to switch between disparate systems.

The AdderLink X-DVI Pro DL, now incorporates full dual link resolution capability up to 2560x1600. It can transmit a dual link video stream and analogue audio over a single CATx cable, up to 50 metres. The extender also offers USB True Emulation and can be used in a multitude of applications.

We also be demonstrated our 4K capabilities at the show without our XD522 DisplayPort extender and our latest firmware upgrade to the AdderLink Infinity solutions.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting

The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting
Article: The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting

IP-based KVM solutions are featuring more and more prominently in the broadcasting environment. The reason for this? They bring improved reliability, versatility and cost-effectiveness. At Adder we believe that the use of a standard IP infrastructure will truly change the way that the broadcast control room will operate. Consider that IP-based KVM transforms a screen into a portal into any number of computers and it’s clear that the possibilities are endless.

This article delves into the role that IP-based KVM plays in broadcasting and the value it brings to operations.

Read the full article in FKT here.