Thursday, 29 May 2014

Adder Technology supplies high performance KVM solution to Warner Bros. De Lane Lea

Adder Technology supplies high performance KVM solution to Warner Bros. De Lane Lea
Cambridge, UK, 22 May 2014: Adder Technology, the high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) specialist, has successfully completed an installation of its AdderLink Infinity range at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea in London.

The deal was facilitated through Adder Technology’s reseller, IP Performance, who selected the AdderLink Infinity based on the client’s twin requirements for greater flexibility and reliability. Adder supplied three AdderLink Infinity systems (featuring high performance IP-based KVM) to Warner Bros. De Lane Lea for use in the upgrade of legacy equipment in three suites in its Soho facility. AdderLink Infinity forms the central KVM infrastructure for all three rooms and enables engineers to quickly and easily reconfigure the mixing stages based on the individual requirements of its different customers.

Pierre Ketteridge, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at IP Performance explains: “With audio suites being hired out on a daily and weekly basis, bespoke configuration is key to meeting the requirements of each new customer. It is therefore important that set-up can be accomplished easily to save both time and money. As the management tools are so user friendly, the AdderLink Infinity enables engineers to complete the configuration quickly and simply.”

Through Adder’s high performance, IP-based KVM matrix, the computers can be placed outside of the suite, in a server room, freeing up space within the critical environment. Customers at the studio typically work with the Avid Pro Tools package and Adder’s technology enables them to pick up their project from any screen in the studio, without having to move workstations, and with no loss of quality. In addition to versatility, the AdderLink Infinity encourages collaboration and enables the sharing of control between machines while delivering excellent video quality and USB-based interactions, which is of particular benefit in applications such as audio mixing for film and television.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Adder Technology receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Adder Technology receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise
Adder Technology is delighted to announce that it has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The prize was given to the company for its pioneering AdderLink Infinity solution – the hardware-based, digital KVM matrix that is used for controlling and distributing digital video signals.

The award recognises our innovation-driven approach and pioneering technology which we’ve been delivering to a host of markets for the past three decades. This year has been a significant one for us – not only have we won this award, but we are also celebrating our 30th anniversary.
From our humble beginnings in the 80's to growing into a global company, it has been innovation that had led us and enabled us to bring our portfolio to market.

Read the full press release here

Monday, 19 May 2014

Digital Signage for the Airport travellers

Digital Signage for the Airport travellers
Article: The Nitty-Gritty of Airport Digital Signage

Digital signage is a growing industry that spans all types of businesses, applications and installations. Organisations use this technology for everything from advertising to information dissemination, and nowhere is this more evident than in airports. Many people find flying stressful enough as it is, so imagine trying to find your departure gate or get flight status updates without clear and comprehensive digital signage.

This LG 4K Ultra HD digital signage display at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas greets nearly 32,000 passengers daily.
Tim Conway, vice president of Adder Technology shares his views on the topic in a feature in Government Video magazine. Read the full article here