Friday, 21 November 2014

John Halksworth explores how IP affects broadcast workflow

John Halksworth explores how IP affects broadcast workflow
Article: IP and the changing face of broadcasting

The broadcasting industry, just like other environments, is evolving at pace largely due to emerging trends and demand from end users. As a result, the entire workflow is changing and IP, and IP-based KVM solutions have a significant role to play in this shift.

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From redundancy, increased efficiency, reliability, to cost-effectiveness, flexibility and scalability, IP has the potential to deliver a number of benefits to the broadcasting market.

John Halksworth delves deeper into this topic in an article written for Asia Image.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Illumination Entertainment use Adder Technology to address increases in production

Illumination Entertainment use Adder Technology to address increases in production
New York, November 11, 2014: Adder Technology, the industry leader in high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) products, today announced that Illumination Entertainment has deployed the AdderLink Infinity to help address their increase in production due in part to the enormous success of the Despicable Me franchise.

Illumination Entertainment needed to rapidly expand its production capacity, which created the need for shared resources at the company. Additional edit bays came online, and there was a greater need for editors to be able to quickly swap in and out of the review suite for dailies. After researching the KVM options available on the market to address their problem, Illumination Entertainment looked to Adder to address their connectivity challenges.

"Using the AdderLink Infinity products, our editors are now able to setup for dailies or a review session on their Avid systems in their edit bay and then bring up that system in the review suite without interrupting any other sessions," said Joe Stevano, Illumination Entertainment, IT director. "Adding Adder’s digital KVM switching solution to our editorial infrastructure has given us increased flexibility in working on multiple productions."

“The post production environment has always been an ideal environment for the deployment of our IP-based high performance KVM solutions,” said Tim Conway, vice president, Adder Corp. “We are pleased to have worked with the Illumination Entertainment team and succeeded in addressing their workflow challenges. The AdderLink Infinity solution also positions the company for future scalability and upgradability in production capacity.”

About Illumination Entertainment
Illumination Entertainment, founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007, is one of the entertainment industry’s leading producers of all-audience event films. In July 2010, Illumination, which has an exclusive financing and distribution partnership with Universal Pictures, released its first film, Despicable Me, starring Steve Carell, which earned more than $540 million worldwide and launched a beloved global franchise. With the success of 2011’s Hop, 2012’s Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and 2013’s juggernaut Despicable Me 2— the highest-grossing first-run film in Universal’s history and the year’s third-highest-grossing film at the worldwide box office—Illumination’s films have made almost $2 billion.

Universal’s and Illumination’s next film, Minions, a spin-off of the phenomenally successful Despicable Me series—starring Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm—arrives in theaters on July 10, 2015. In 2011, Universal Pictures acquired the animation division of French visual effects studio Mac Guff Ligne and formed Illumination Mac Guff to work exclusively on Illumination Entertainment’s fully CG movies. Fans may also experience Minion Mayhem in 3D with the Ultra-HD movie motion simulator adventure at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. For more information, please go to:

Check out the latest movie due from Illumination Entertainment - Minions:
Illumination Entertainment - Minions

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Broadcasters recognise the advantages of IP-based KVM

Broadcasters recognise the advantages of IP-based KVM
Article: Bringing down the technological barriers with IP-based KVM

IP as a transport network has boosted capability within the broadcast environment, bringing improved levels of reliability and versatility across the production workflow. As a result, IP-based KVM products are gaining popularity amongst broadcasters, studios and post production houses.

While this is an industry where traditional AV equipment has dominated for many years, this move towards IP-based KVM brought down the technological barriers, enabling real-time, accurate video operation.

Read the full article on how this technology is benefiting broadcasting here.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Market Focus: Canada

Market Focus: Canada
Article: The True North is strong with AV

Recently Simon Clew, director at Adder Technology gave his input to AV Magazine on the state of the proAV market in Canada and the challenges of doing business there.
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The current climate in Canada is characterized by a consistent rise in demand for low bandwidth remote access and management interface access. With the rising adoption of 4K, and the increasing popularity of digital video signals in installations, the pro-AV and pro-IT worlds are quickly converging.

Compared to the proAV market in the US or even Europe, Canada seems to feature more hardwired infrastructure which means that there is a focus on future-proofing new installations in order to ensure a good return on investment.

The key to success when doing business in the region lies in establishing and maintaining good relationships. Local representation can go a long way in assisting with this, especially if they are helping to provide pre-sales advice and after-sales support.

To read the full article, click here and go to page 23.


Friday, 4 July 2014

Adder Technology in action at BroadcastAsia event

Adder Technology in action at BroadcastAsia event
Adder Technology unveiled the newest advances to our AdderLink Infinity range at this year’s BroadcastAsia show. Our new products include the AdderLink Infinity 1002 digital KVM extender, CCS4-Pro switch and X-DVI Pro DL extender.

In a nutshell, the enhancements to the range bring an added level of functionality to environments where high performance KVM is used – such as pro-AV, broadcasting, post-production, command and control, and industrial automation.

The IP-based AdderLink Infinity 1002 features dual port functionality which adds redundant network operation and the opportunity for network teaming. The extender’s single link, single head make it ideal for use in video intensive applications, while the added redundancy is a critical requirement in high-reliability environments such as command and control.

AdderLink Infinity CCS4-Pro, a KVM switch solution upgrade, is built on the tried and reliable CCS4 and has been slightly modified in terms of its form so that it can more easily be located inside an operator’s desk. It is an ergonomic solution that assists in eliminating desk clutter and provides an intuitive way for users to switch between disparate systems.

The AdderLink X-DVI Pro DL, now incorporates full dual link resolution capability up to 2560x1600. It can transmit a dual link video stream and analogue audio over a single CATx cable, up to 50 metres. The extender also offers USB True Emulation and can be used in a multitude of applications.

We also be demonstrated our 4K capabilities at the show without our XD522 DisplayPort extender and our latest firmware upgrade to the AdderLink Infinity solutions.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting

The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting
Article: The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting

IP-based KVM solutions are featuring more and more prominently in the broadcasting environment. The reason for this? They bring improved reliability, versatility and cost-effectiveness. At Adder we believe that the use of a standard IP infrastructure will truly change the way that the broadcast control room will operate. Consider that IP-based KVM transforms a screen into a portal into any number of computers and it’s clear that the possibilities are endless.

This article delves into the role that IP-based KVM plays in broadcasting and the value it brings to operations.

Read the full article in FKT here.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Adder Technology supplies high performance KVM solution to Warner Bros. De Lane Lea

Adder Technology supplies high performance KVM solution to Warner Bros. De Lane Lea
Cambridge, UK, 22 May 2014: Adder Technology, the high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) specialist, has successfully completed an installation of its AdderLink Infinity range at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea in London.

The deal was facilitated through Adder Technology’s reseller, IP Performance, who selected the AdderLink Infinity based on the client’s twin requirements for greater flexibility and reliability. Adder supplied three AdderLink Infinity systems (featuring high performance IP-based KVM) to Warner Bros. De Lane Lea for use in the upgrade of legacy equipment in three suites in its Soho facility. AdderLink Infinity forms the central KVM infrastructure for all three rooms and enables engineers to quickly and easily reconfigure the mixing stages based on the individual requirements of its different customers.

Pierre Ketteridge, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at IP Performance explains: “With audio suites being hired out on a daily and weekly basis, bespoke configuration is key to meeting the requirements of each new customer. It is therefore important that set-up can be accomplished easily to save both time and money. As the management tools are so user friendly, the AdderLink Infinity enables engineers to complete the configuration quickly and simply.”

Through Adder’s high performance, IP-based KVM matrix, the computers can be placed outside of the suite, in a server room, freeing up space within the critical environment. Customers at the studio typically work with the Avid Pro Tools package and Adder’s technology enables them to pick up their project from any screen in the studio, without having to move workstations, and with no loss of quality. In addition to versatility, the AdderLink Infinity encourages collaboration and enables the sharing of control between machines while delivering excellent video quality and USB-based interactions, which is of particular benefit in applications such as audio mixing for film and television.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Adder Technology receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Adder Technology receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise
Adder Technology is delighted to announce that it has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The prize was given to the company for its pioneering AdderLink Infinity solution – the hardware-based, digital KVM matrix that is used for controlling and distributing digital video signals.

The award recognises our innovation-driven approach and pioneering technology which we’ve been delivering to a host of markets for the past three decades. This year has been a significant one for us – not only have we won this award, but we are also celebrating our 30th anniversary.
From our humble beginnings in the 80's to growing into a global company, it has been innovation that had led us and enabled us to bring our portfolio to market.

Read the full press release here

Monday, 19 May 2014

Digital Signage for the Airport travellers

Digital Signage for the Airport travellers
Article: The Nitty-Gritty of Airport Digital Signage

Digital signage is a growing industry that spans all types of businesses, applications and installations. Organisations use this technology for everything from advertising to information dissemination, and nowhere is this more evident than in airports. Many people find flying stressful enough as it is, so imagine trying to find your departure gate or get flight status updates without clear and comprehensive digital signage.

This LG 4K Ultra HD digital signage display at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas greets nearly 32,000 passengers daily.
Tim Conway, vice president of Adder Technology shares his views on the topic in a feature in Government Video magazine. Read the full article here

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

More efficiency, more functionality, more flexibility...

Controlling the workflow with IP-based KVM
Article: Controlling the workflow with IP-based KVM

The constant evolution of the workplace demands results at a faster pace than ever before. The ability to share ideas, communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently has never been more important. Adder’s high performance IP-based KVM technology is allowing companies to make the most efficient use of their time and staff, allowing environments such as broadcast control rooms to be operated from one main hub, rather than several separate stations.

The KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) technology uses IP to connect machines together, effectively turning one machine into a portal through which several others may be controlled.

This opens up a world of possibilities. Being able to control a set of machines from one screen, even if they’re in another room or building, allows working environments to be less cluttered and operated by fewer staff.

John Halksworth, Senior Product Manager at Adder Technology discusses the future of the broadcast control room and the role that high performance IP-based KVM will play – read the full TVB Europe article here.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Adder and Stagebox to Demonstrate Full IP-Based Broadcast Workflow

New York, USA: Adder Technology, the leader in high performance, keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) connectivity solutions, will unveil its 4K-ready solutions at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. In addition, the company will demonstrate the power and flexibility of its end-to-end IP based workflow across the broadcast chain at its booth, SL10105.

Adder Technology will be launching its 4K capable KVM products at the show, including a firmware upgrade to the AdderLink XD522 – a high resolution DisplayPort and Thunderbolt display extender. This upgrade – available for download on the Adder website – makes the device capable of extending 4K signals. This means existing XD522 users can upgrade to 4K absolutely free of charge. The firmware update will provide native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) and 4K UHD 3840x2160 at 30Hz, as well as advanced EDID management, with user hotkeys on top of all the existing features.

“The AdderLink XD522 firmware upgrade is something we've been working on around the clock, and we can’t wait to show off what our products can do in 4K at NAB,” said Tim Conway, vice president, Adder Technology. "This upgrade will be available to our existing customers free of charge, delivering native 4K capability, as well as an updated feature set."

In addition to unveiling its products' 4K capabilities, Adder has teamed up with Stagebox, developed in part by BBC Research and Development, to demonstrate how IP technologies can enhance each stage of the broadcast production chain. Using AdderLink Infinity to manage the broadcast workflow environment, Adder will send captured content through the entire chain, from ingest through to transmission, over a standard 1Gb/s IP network.

"We're genuinely excited for NAB this year. Not only are we witnessing history being made, as emerging technologies such as 4K become the industry standard, we also believe that IP-based KVM solutions are the platform needed to lift this technology to its fullest potential," Conway concludes.

Visit Adder at booth SL10105 at NAB from 7-10 April.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Adder Technology to display innovative pro A/V and control room capabilities at ISE 2014

Adder Technology to display innovative pro A/V and control room capabilities at ISE 2014
Cambridge, UK: Adder Technology, the high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) specialist, will be showcasing its solutions for the command and control and pro A/V markets at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam from 4-6 February 2014.

The company will display a broad selection of products, developed to provide flexible connectivity solutions for professional A/V and command and control room environments.

Products on show will include the AdderLink Infinity, which allows a computer and its operator to be separated by almost any distance without loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution or quality. Visitors to ISE will be the first to see the new capabilities of the v3.2 AdderLink Infinity firmware upgrade.

Two new additions to the extender range will also be on display. The AdderLink DV100 HDMI extender is ideal for deployment in the digital signage environment. It includes Adder’s innovative Proof of Display (P.O.D.) technology that enables the remote monitoring of all screens within a signage network over an IP link. This in turn allows network owners to bill advertisers with the assurance that their content has been displayed. In the command and control space, the AdderLink DV120 DVI extender brings simplified operations to the visualiser or video wall and allows the computer hardware to be stored out of the room.

“The extenders are great problem solving products,” says John Halksworth, senior product manager, Adder Technology. “They have a prominent place in any AV engineer’s toolkit and are characterised by their simplicity. The plug and play functionality brings convenience and ease of use to any installation. The AdderLink DV120 DVI extender - used in combination with an AdderLink Infinity unit in a control room environment - enables users to add flexibility and functionality by offering a complete, integrated solution. We’ll be showcasing how our products work together via practical demonstrations on our stand at ISE.”

Other highlights will include the AdderLink XD522 a dual-head, point-to-point, DisplayPort extender, which can support dual screens or dual link screens up to 100 metres (328 feet) away with an S/FTP CATx cable.

Adder Technology will be located on stand F104 in hall 9 (9-F104) at ISE 2014.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

5 Reasons to Upgrade to IP KVM

The value of IP-based KVM in broadcasting
Now is the time to upgrade to High Performance IP KVM with the latest AdderLink INFINITY v3.0 firmware. Why?

Reason 1 Truly Lossless Video Performance
Demand pixel perfect, lossless, 60fps HD video and crisp audio without the cost and proprietary nature of fiber solutions.

Reason 2 Improved Collaboration
An AdderLink INFINITY KVM matrix makes any or all systems accessible from any screen through a simple, transparent and secure user interface.

Reason 3 Assured 24/7 Reliability
AdderLink Infinity v3.0 firmware incorporates management server and network redundancy options to eliminate any single point of failure and ensure 100% up time.

Reason 4 Flexible Configurations
Build a system of infinite size by leveraging standard network infrastructure from the likes of Cisco, HP or others. Designed for dual head video at 1920x1200 or single head for larger resolutions of up to 2560x1600.

Reason 5 Increased returns through faster ROI
Affordable IP KVM systems rapidly pay for themselves and improve your overall profitability.

Vote for Us!
Our AdderLink INFINITY solution has been nominated as "Most InAVative Control Solution" in the EMEA InAVation Awards 2014.

EMEA InAVation Awards 2014The original ‘High Performance KVM’ featuring lossless digital media extension over standard IP. Featuring dual head or dual link DVI, Digital Audio, USB True Emulation, Network Multicast, full administration interface, rapid switching and global access alongside a friendly user interface.

The Digital KVM Matrix technology allows you to build a flexible infrastructure, across standard IP networks. Locate computers anywhere you like, share connections to computers, watch the interactions others have with computers, share control, collaborate, switch computers, etc. With AdderLink INFINITY v3.0 users also benefit from lossless video at 60fps alongside system redundancy for critical environments. Easy to deploy, simple to manage.
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