Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Adder to launch 300 ft (100 Meter) DisplayPort and USB extender at NAB 2013

Adder to launch 300 ft (100 Meter) DisplayPort and USB extender at NAB 2013
Adder Corporation, the Digital Keyboard, Video, Mouse (D-KVM) specialist, is to launch the XD500 a DisplayPort KVM extender at NAB, which runs from April 6th to 11th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The XD500 extends two DisplayPort video streams plus high speed USB (480Mbps), analog audio and digital audio (SPDIF) over 300 feet (100 Meters) of CATx cable. The link is capable of supporting support a single 2560x1600 @60Hz screen or two screens running at 1080p resolutions. The link is lossless so every pixel is faithfully reproduced at the receiver unit.

Also featuring at the show is the enhanced CCS4-USB Command and Control switch which includes new features of support for complex keyboards and mice and screen identification module. The CCS4-USB enables a user to work across up to four computers and screens though a single keyboard and mouse significantly reducing the desk clutter. The CCS4-USB delivers seamless switching of USB 2.0 and audio, using an upgraded version of Adder’s USB True Emulation technology.

The most significant feature is the Free-Flow technology which enables the user to switch control of computers by moving the mouse cursor seamlessly from screen to screen.

Adder will also be demonstrating the award-winning AdderLink Infinity Matrix. This Digital KVM matrix switcher solution enables an operator to work on any computer across a LAN using standard 1Gb Ethernet infrastructure at any distance without any loss in capabilities.

Users have the capability to create an infinite sized digital matrix with DVI, USB, RS232 and audio available at any user station. It provides almost unlimited extension possibilities making it an ideal solution for broadcasters, allowing multiple studios and control rooms to be connected, no matter where they are located.

Another advantage of the AdderLink Infinity matrix is that it removes the noise and heat associated with a hard drive away from the sensitive broadcasting environment, allowing producers to concentrate on what they do best without needless distractions.

Also at the show is the ALIF2112T – part of the AdderLink Infinity matrix solution, it is a high performance KVM server that can be accessed remotely via IP with a VNC viewer and/or simultaneously with an AdderLink Infinity receiver. A huge advantage is that it can simultaneously serve a VNC equipped video wall processor and user station reducing the complexity of control room infrastructure to integrate a KVM matrix with video walls.

“Being able to extend high resolution digital video and maintain full control is important for the broadcast industry,” says Tim Conway, VP of Adder Corporation. “Whether it be controlling multiple computers from a single station, managing 4 systems at the same time from a single keyboard and mouse or simply removing the noisy computers or servers from the working environment - we have a range of products to make it happen.”

Adder will be demonstrating these and many more products on booth SL11808.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Adder to demonstrate Command and Control technologies at ATC Global

Adder to demonstrate Command and Control technologies at ATC Global
Adder Technology, the keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) specialist, will demonstrate how its solutions can streamline air traffic control at ATC Global 2013, which runs 12-14 March at the RAI, Amsterdam.

Adder will be previewing its latest high-reliance Command and Control switch CCS4PRO. The new solution features IP control and redundant power to offer users a continuous and reliable connection for working on up to four computers and up to 32 screens as though on a single interface. The IP control allows seamless integration with other systems for SNMP control and monitoring. As with the best-selling CCS4USB, the CCS4PRO delivers USB 2.0, audio, Free-Flow and ‘USB True Emulation’ technology. This capability is particularly useful to the ATC industry where controllers have to analyse and act upon information from a variety of sources simultaneously.

Also being demonstrated for the first time at ATC will be the CCS-XB light module for CCS4USB. Using a simple LED on top of each display the CCS-XB quickly lets a user know which screen their mouse cursor is positioned on.

Adder’s on-stand technology partner will be high-end computer display manufacturer, Eizo. Using Eizo screens Adder will demonstrate the IP-DVP (Digital Video & Peripherals) matrix, the AdderLink Infinity and AdderLink Infinity Dual. These DVP matrix solutions enable an operator to work on a computer across a LAN to almost any distance without any loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution, audio quality or USB latency. Adder will also reveal AdderLink Infinity Dual’s new VNC (virtual network computing) capability to the ATC market. This allows users to access their content anywhere in the world over an internet connection, giving full remote visibility, secured by AES256 encryption with RSA 2048 authentication.

Simon Clew, Adder’s Sales Director, said: “Reliability is, of course, critical to the ATC sector and air traffic controllers need to have complete confidence that they will always be able to operate critical systems. Our background in mission critical Command and Control, together with our focus on Air Traffic Control systems makes Adder a natural choice.”

The Adder Command and Control system will be on display at Stand D508.